Wednesday, March 31, 2010

final med dinner

Okay, just a quick note on the dinner tonight.

It was a simple straight forward dinner. Food wise, nothing fancy other than the lemon souffle as the dessert. But I guess that's the way they do it.

Dinner started with a loud bang of the main door being closed. What?? Yes. They banged the door closed. As expected, the noisy hall quiet. Then everybody raised. After a few lines in Latin (which Prof O'Morain commented as a very bad one =p), we sat. The food was served shortly afterward.

Starting with leek soup and bread as starters. The main course of chicken breast, baked potato and boiled green beans followed. Dinner finished with dessert and tea/coffee.

After dinner, the profs gave us a few words full of inspiration, reassurance and yeah, good laugh. That's it. The report.

ps: The Profs are all very friendly, approachable and ...hmm, laid back. It was very nice experience sitting down to have dinner with them and casually chat about topics that have nothing to do with medicine.

Professor Shaun McCann (Director of Undergraduate Teaching and Learning)

With Hajar. Sitting beside her was Prof O'Morain (The Dean of Health Sciences Faculty). At the back there, Dr Martina Hennessy (our coordinator).

Professor Patricia Crowley. I admire her. She's the senior lecturer in Obs & Gynae.

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