Monday, November 30, 2009

november is leaving

Hari terakhir bulan November. Tomorrow November gonna be crossed off. Then only four months left. Four months. Four.

Minggu lepas saya posting ENT di RVEEH; Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital . It was almost a hectic posting since we were supposed to be flying around 3 hospitals in Dublin 2, Dublin 6 and Dublin 24. Wow, as if we medical students own a helicopter each. Anyway, it was not the worst. I'll live it pretty happily.

This week is for Opthalmology posting and it should be more laid back. No. With the prospect of national strike again this Thursday and OSCE on Friday, things are unavoidably intense again. And the racist-like statement from the 'lady' just add nothing but annoyance.

Anyway, I'm having Opthalmology OSCE on Friday, and 3 written papers on Monday to Wednesday week. Time to focus and put aside the complaints about things. This is me. I have to be happy to be able to study. So, hopefully nothing will terribly upset me, ameen.

Oh, entri yang bercampur-campur bahasanya. Please excuse my cluttered state of mind.

Nota: Selamat hari lahir untuk kawan saya yang menyambut hari lahirnya hari ini. Semoga cepat-cepat dapat jodoh. Bosan dah tunggu kad jemputan ni, hehe.

Nota lagi: Tiba-tiba rasa nak dengar lagu kertas kekasih yang tak dianggap la pulak.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

aidil adha 1430H

Selamat Hari Raya Korban.
Semoga kali ini raya terakhir jauh dari tanah air.
Mesti belajar rajin-rajin semoga tahun depan boleh beraya dengan famili. Mak jangan sedih-sedih ya, tahun depan along balik insya Allah.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

keep on moving

Semalam sangat penat. Sakit kaki (the feet, the hips), sakit bahu, sakit satu badan. Lepas telan dua biji ubat ingat nak studi tapi tak larat. Akhirnya terpaksa juga tidur awal. Pagi ini bangun dengan badan yang masih sakit-sakit. Dah lama tak rasa bangun pagi macam ni. Things have been easy going for the past few weeks. But this is just a beginning. Next year everything gonna get crazy. And I have to be prepared.

I have gone through so much
I have come this far
There is just few bits left
I am going to give what it takes
To get what I've been working for

MB BCh BAO in April 2010
Insha Allah...amiin.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

National Day of Protest

Dear Staff and Students
The day of protest on Tuesday 24th November next is likely to causewidespread disruption. The university has a responsibility to deliver on itscommitments on that day provided that there is no undue health and safetyrisk incurred. It has been difficult so far to quantify the risk.
It is now clear that several categories of staff will be absent by choicefrom work on that day. In this context, an assessment of the health andsafety risk associated with running lectures and laboratory sessions thatday has been completed. The professional advice is that the risk isunacceptably high. In light of this, lectures and laboratory sessionsscheduled for November 24th will not take place, and will be facilitated ata later date.
Further details will be circulated on Monday and placed on the website.

Tony McMahon
Interim Chief Operating Officer
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin 2

Rasa-rasanya hospital cuti tak? Hmmm... mungkin tidak.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

selamat berjuang

Hari ini 18 November 2009 adik bongsu saya mula menduduki kertas pertama SPMnya. Ada 3 kertas hari ini; Bahasa Melayu kertas 1 dan 2 serta Sejarah kertas 1.

Amzar, buat betul-betul ok.
Along doakan Ja dapat semua A+...ameen.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

bicara dua

Yang diukir cerita luka
Dakwat air mata saja selaut
Parah duka haruslah berdarah
Mahunya apa?

Bukan niat meraih simpati
Takkan mahu serpih perhatian

Heh, aku jadi penat
Seringkalinya sampai mati hati

Oh... pentingkan diri sendiri ya…

Senyum. Ketawa. Gembira.
Apa yang kau tahu?

Kau matahari

Friday, November 13, 2009

mawar berduri

Prickly Rose, Rosa acicularis

This pretty shrub is found throughout Alaska and is common in clearings and sunny openings in forested habitat. The five-petaled pink flowers are visible June to early July; in the fall, the bright red hips stand out against green vegetation. Alaska gardeners may tell you that this is one of the most tenacious “weeds” in the garden. The rose spreads through suckers and once established, is nearly impossible to eradicate from a plot without extensive digging, tilling, and pulling. The miniscule thorns can be quite irritating – and difficult to remove due to their small size.
On the other hand, this plant has myriad uses. The petals can be used in salads or steeped in hot water for a fragrant tea. The most common use, however, is harvest of the the red fruits, or hips. They are loaded with vitamin C and can be eaten right off the bush (though they are quite tart and seedy) or processed into jam, tea, or syrup. Rose hips also contain significant amounts of vitamins A, B, E, and K, as well as the minerals calcium, iron, and phosphorus. Since they are prolific and widespread, it is not difficult to gather a substantial amount after fall’s first frost.

Saya sebenarnya menemukan artikel ini semasa mencari-cari nama bunga yang tumbuh di belakang rumah kami. Gambar bunga ni saya ambil semasa musim bunga tahun lepas gara-gara 'dipaksa' seorang teman. Langsung tak terlintas di fikiran saya bahawa bunga ini sejenis ros sehinggalah saya terpandangkan batang bunga ini dijual di Lidl (salah satu pasaraya yang ada di Dublin) dengan label '... rose'. Apabila sampai di rumah, kononnya nak namakanlah gambar yang saya ambil. Tapi lupa pulak namanya. Maka, google je la.

Susah juga nak cari nama bunga ni. Klu yang ada cuma ia sejenis ros yang kurang glamour. Rupa-rupanya ada lebih 150 jenis ros dalam dunia ni. Hampir putus asa saya dibuatnya. Lepas jumpa namanya, tak sangka pula bunga ni banyak ditemukan di Alaska. Malah, banyak pula kegunaannya. Mungkin musim bunga nanti saya boleh cuba minum teh bunga ros atau makan buah pokok ni. Macamlah saya akan ingat untuk buat semua ni bila tiba saatnya nanti. Hehe.

Tapi, saya sangat berharaplah saya dah kenalpasti bunga ni dengan betul. Kalau tidak, boleh keracunan dibuatnya nanti. Teringat cerita seorang kawan yang teringin nak makan ulam raja masa balik kampung. Disuruhnyalah si adik ambil pucuk ulam raja kat belakang rumah. Elok dia kunyah saja terus rasa semacam. Sebenarnya yang dia makan tu bukan pucuk ulam raja tapi pucuk bunga tahi ayam. Kesian betul. Dahlah mengidam, tersilap makan pulak. Hehehe, saya mesti senyum-senyum bila nampak ulam raja pasal cerita kawan saya ni lah.

Hmm, tajuk entri ni agak mengada la pulak jika nak dibandingkan dengan isinya. Nasibla labu... dah takde idea ni.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

code red

November 10 2009, I attended the ALERT course. It was a one-day course designed to teach healthcare staffs how to anticipate, recognise and hopefully prevent critical illness at an early stage hence the name ALERT (Acute Life-threatening Events - Recognition and Treatment).

This course was never part of our medical school curriculum. I think it still not part of it this year. It was introduced for the first time this year for us medical students in TCD. Usually this course was part of healthcare workers i.e doctors and nurses' job development courses.

The course took the whole yesterday in St James Hospital's Postgraduate Centre in the morning then moving to the new Clinical skills lab under the mortuary. Despite the fact that it was quite a long day and somehow all the radiators was working below expectation, I love the course. I really like it.

The instructors involved this time were ICU nurses in SJH. 4 instructors for 25 students. Pretty small group, very good teaching and they are absolutely brilliant! Knowing that we are final year students who gonna be the interns working with them from next 1st of July (that's when new interns start all over Ireland, unlike Malaysia), they throw out some beneficial tips and share their experience with us.

In the afternoon, we all got the chance to discuss and lead the management of some critical scenarios that are going to haunt us on our on calls: hypotension, altered consciousness, breathing difficulties, collapse, vomiting blood. Somehow these scenarios prefer to occur at night while we are alone, on call in the 'darkness'. And this course gave us some confidence on how to sort some of the junior doctors nightmares.

Freezing, tired but happy. I went home feeling time and money well-spent yesterday. Definitely recommend this course to all my colleagues.

Nota: Segan jugak la bila terima agak banyak (bagi saya banyak la tu...) respon daripada kawan-kawan yang membaca blog ni. Itulah, gatal sangat tangan tu nak menulis hal yang peribadi, kan dah malu...huhu. Err, nanti saya balas respon-respon anda ya. Sekarang ada sedikit sibuk.

Monday, November 9, 2009

like writing on the stone

Just now, I was skimming through some of my older entries in this blog since 2007 when I start smiling, smirking, giggling... They actually bring back a lot of memories even though I wrote very little and left out most of important moments in my life. I do wish I wrote more, leaving little notes on things I went through from time to time.

So, I will try to write more in the time to come. Yet I do bear in mind that I will get very busy and caught up with studies and other fun stuffs in life but, I will try.

No promise, but strong wish.

Note: I don't like this blog template very much. Would love to change it but may take very long. Hmm...ergh!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

happy birthday abah

Selamat Hari Lahir
untuk abah yang tersayang

(Gambar hiasan - ini kek nostalgia, haha... drama, drama, drama)