Wednesday, April 23, 2008

two years to answer

AmAn ShAh
04/22/2008 10:00 am
thanx jijah...camner skrang??
bila abeh study??

04/22/2008 4:52 am
nak blanja mkn no hal tp jauh 2, beribu-rigbu batu.. merentas awan dan lautan hehe
bila nk abih study?

These are my friends comments in Friendster. I hope I can give a happy answer exactly two years from today. Hmm, don't forget to ask me again that time...

I guess there's no harm to congrats my housemates; Kak Ila and Kak Zura. They already finished their final year exam yesterday. I was so happy to see them coming home smiling (I was off-ward this week to make way for their exam, yeay!). Even though the official result will only published on Thursday night, I have a good feeling that both of them will make it through.

And I, I have my final exam for a few courses next month; Clinical Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology. And the as a bonus, we also have OSCE. Hehe...

I am currently working on Surat-surat Perempuan Johor by Faisal Tehrani (with Ezzah screaming in the background "weh, nak exam studi la!!")

don't read

I am emotionally tired.
Losing interest on many things that used to excite me.
I wanna sleep.

Heh, what I really need? I know sleep alone won't help. I will wake up feeling exactly the same if not worse.

I know... I gotta be strong. Never to run away. Hehehehe... yeah right! I am strong as long as I am not challenged. The moment I got to fight, I am ready to collapse... huh!

Actually, I am truly sorry for this page. I think it has turned out to be the official dumping site of my bad feelings and thought. And, I kept the good for myself *evil smile*

Enough. The more I type, the more neurotic I become. (Hey, wasn't I perfectly stable just few moments ago? I think some bad witches must have put a bad spell here.)

Gotta go! Too much contamination. I better save my (partly functioning) mind.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

the dua'

Thank you Allah for giving me a good 2-week break from my routine.

I got away from hospital for two weeks. Yes, I still got to go there everyday for psychiatry & psychology lectures but at least it was a different environment. Was the hospital very bad that I come to be glad to have to attend up to 6 hour lectures a day rather that tagging along the medical or surgical team in hospital?

I don't want to answer. It made no difference anyway.

Again, I had a tiring but wonderful weekend this week. Thank you Allah.

Tomorrow I'm starting a new rotation; orthopaedic service in AMNCH. I pray to Allah that He help me through this rotation, lift up the heaviness from my heart and put smile on my face. He and He only is my protector.

O Allah I pray to You, please gather me with the people I love in this world and in Your jannah.

Ameen ya Rabbal 'alamiin...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

a weekend full of inspiration

Yes, you can't identify which of those inspired faces belong to me. I certainly know where I sat, thus I can tell which one.
Alhamdulillah. It was not an ordinary event, and I am very grateful that I was chosen by Him to be part of them. I learnt a lot.
Thank you people, may Allah bless your sacrifices. Ameen.