Saturday, February 23, 2008

my, my...

February seemed to be flying off. Or, was January a bit slow? I can't believe we are coming to the last week of February. Hmm, at least we do have a 29th February this year. An extra February day.

I didn't write a lot in here this month simply because I've been feeling a bit under the weather these days. Since I wanted to make this blog less whiny, I chose not to lament here.

However, I do want to complaint of one thing. This month utility bills really rip off my bank account balance. I would say it was triple than usual. Luckily I was assigned to a nearer hospital, which means I can save on the bus tickets. But, next 8 weeks will be a different story. I'll be back in Tallaght, Dublin 24...( I live in Dublin 8) and commuting to SJH as well.

All right, money is meant to be spent anyway. And, hopefully everything is well-spent. Insya Allah.

p/s: anaesthetist?

with lots of love

azizahhh! ya Allah. i miss you so much. how are you? ee tau tak wani kat dublin 1 syawal?? tak jumpa pon. stress.
anyhow i have news! i got into oxford! for MSc! best kan?? datang la visit k?
i miss u so much

love lots,

Congratulation to my drama queen, the joyful and caring Syazwani Fatkhi. Wish you all the best. You definitely deserve to be there.

Feb 21st

My ever sweet lil sis 21st birthday!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

to err is human

Treat the tiredness by being busy.
'Treat' the 'tiredness' by being 'busy'.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

black hole inside

Something is missing somewhere... I hate to admit this. But I got no satisfactory explaination for the whole thing. Could you miss something that you don't ever acknowledge its existence? Or, the fact that you are missing it proved that it actually real?

I am left with question marks all around...

What is it? I do not know for sure. And, that's bad. When you got no diagnosis, you can't initiate definitive treatment. Yes, symptomatic relief may be heplful. But, at the same time it could potentially be as dangerous by accelerating the whole event. Arghh!

My time is running out~

Sunday, February 3, 2008

good thing grows

One thing leads to another. You do one job well, you tend to do the next task as good, then more of them follow... The same goes when you take a terrible step. Somehow, it is easier to get even further from the true path.
So, do only correct things otherwise resign, heh?

Ok, I'm so sleepy at the moment. Can't figure out what makes me tired...