Friday, March 28, 2008

broken for renovation

It has been a different week. A break from the routine means a touch of anxiety. Yes, I know I've always been anxious. In fact I am a very anxious person. Anxiety is not something that is always bad. It can do good, even though it gives you palpitations.

The good side of it, it forces me to get as prepared as I can for something, and I always put my safety first. So, there would be no worries for my mother that I would break my neck or engaged in any dangerous activity.

Now the flip side of the coin, not good... the most obvious adverse effect is anxiety causes you (i.e me) unnecessary worries. I got nervous for unbelievable reason. I still remembered an occasion where my friend just can't believe I tremble while practising in clinical skills room. Hellooo~ it's just a practice. Not even a test, let alone an exam. Ah, if I were to list the situation that can sent my heart electrical activity to complete bizarre... you'd be fast asleep before even near the end of the list. Exaggerating, am I? I am not trying to convince anyone here. Just letting my (I don't know) go.

This week.
This is the first half of our 2-week Psychiatry and Psychology Applied to Medicine + MedLine Ethics + a bit of related Pharmacology Course. It went on well. Very well I have to say.

One good news that I would like to share here, I got my first real assignment. To make it even more thrilling, it contribute 10% to our final year Psychiatry marks. I actually got really excited. Though it is not easy (I'm still struggling to keep the ball rolling) I am still hold on to my determination to accomplish something that can put a smile on my face when I recall it in the future.

This weekend.
5th Medical Symposium organised by IMAM.
Here's the secret: I'm not particularly looking forward to sacrifice my highly-savoured weekend, but I really want to break some more routine this time while holding tight to my heart, don't break.

~A smile goes a thousand miles~

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Its time to catch up, again... As it always happen, I write whenever nothing happen. Then I stopped writing when there's a lot going on, simultaneously or at least one after another. The end result; boring...

This time around, there's literally a lot happened one after another. Reason being is I suddenly decided to be a risk taker. Am I? Since when? Haha, I don't know. But apparently that was being said.

My (sudden) risk taker policy took me for a hilariously nerve-breaking back-wrecking tearful experience of a roller coaster ride. Hopefully I've paid that wonderful experience in full. It was worthwhile, even if I might not be doing it again. Ever!

Ah, my final qualifying exam for the BSc is taking place starting 19th May 2008... err that is 56 days away. So, I been studying a bit harder than usual (hey, did I study at all usually? Urgh!) with a little hope to make it through the tunnel. However, I'm not planning to graduate this year. I would prefer (definitely JPA want it this way) to grad in June 2010 with the double-degree. Hm, what that will be? MB ChB BAO (Bachelor in Medicine, Bachelor in Surgery and Bachelor in Obstetrics) and BA BSc (to be decided) ... waaa tamaknye! No wonder we are so... (no word can do us justice). Haha, sometimes the jack of all trades just crap at all business.

I pray again and again that I will make through this. I'm doing this for many people I love, thank you people.

ps: I wish Sarah the best of luck in her viva voce.


Monday, March 3, 2008

the T junction

Most of the time, we got to fight till the last breath.
But sometimes we may need to give up before being defeated.

May Allah grant us wisdom to see which is which.

Have a nice day... somewhere else!